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is a 4 Acre development that will feature towable mini-cottages and homes designed and styled by Amber Fae.

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“After dedicating the past 20 years to designing for residential clients, trade shows, and retail spaces as a designer at Bayberry Cottage, I'm thrilled to channel my creative talents in a fresh direction. While coastal design has been my focus, I'm now embarking on an exciting journey to create a vibrant, family-friendly vacation destination. This venture allows me to explore rustic charm while championing organic farming and sustainable living. Designing and building mini-cottages and homes equipped with green technologies opens doors to countless new possibilities and adventures." - Amber Fae

SVR Management has a proven track record of over 40+ years of helping Homeowners managing their assets to produce exceptional Net Operating Income (NOI) with the value appreciation outpacing the regular market, all while mitigating potential risks.

Color Theory Quarters Investments will be managed by SVR.

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So much


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to be something Special!

There are opportunities in life that present themselves to us when we least expect it - and there seem to be even less opportunities in life that come along that will allow us to be a part of something so special and so wonderful - an opportunity to do something not just for ourselves, but for the "greater good."

We want to create and build; a farm, a campground and a learning center that would be special to all those that visit.

We want to create and build; a farm, a campground and a learning center that would be such a wonderful experience to all those that visit - that they can't wait to tell friends and family about their experience and how they cant wait to return. 

We want to create and build; a farm, a campground and a learning center that would cater to the "greater good" of our Community, our Township, our County and beyond - by becoming a role model for sustainable living techniques, biointensive gardens, hydro and aquaponic gardens and green technology and teaching others in our community how to do it as well. 

And we are looking for people like you to become a part of this, to become a part of our team - people who believe in doing something for the greater good, visionaries and dreamers! 

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is ultimately looking to become a Seasonal Mobile Home Community and Campground; one that would promote and be committed to the promotion of sustainable living through biodiversity cultivation, engineering, exploration, education and the arts. 

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• Finalize cost of development of Community Center, septic, well, swimming pond and road into back 4 acres.

• Create and develop gardens, nursery, green houses, aquaponic center, chicken coop, goat barns and apiary.​


• Hire Engineering Firm to assist with the development of the first 12 campground sites, road, pond and the septic for the community bathrooms.

• Open Investment Phase for purchase and construction of the first mini-modern cabins/trailers.

• Begin construction on multi-use space in the barn.

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Mon Ami - is the first design by Amber Fae.

Mon Amie.JPG

Each site will be developed to contain the following:

  • Fire pit

  • Biointensive garden 

  • Electric and water hook up

  • Mobile Home pad

  • Solar battery charging station

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We plan to follow National and Local trends and create mini-mobile cottages, cabins, and mini-modern spaces available to rent or lease. Utilizing the interior design talent of Amber Burger, CEO of SVR and former Interior Designer from Bayberry Cottage in South Haven, MI.   The mini-cottages, cabins and mini-moderns will follow and appeal to the known trends of tourism within the Greater Southwest MI Lakeshore, making the look and feel the most desirable in the area and catalog and magazine picture perfect ready, the appeal of these beautiful rentals will allow for higher rental rates than most of our competitors.  


The Community Center will have a large area to host Community breakfasts and dinners and encourage our guests to do so. It will be stocked with seasonal vegetables from the gardens, fresh eggs and organic flour to provide several meals. Public Bathrooms and Washrooms will also be connected to the Community Center.


NATURAL SWIM POND will be created and installed as a part of the Community Center. Using filtration, and natural plants to clean the water.

Bathroom Camping Ground plans.JPG
outdoor kitchen style.JPG

EXAMPLE PICTURE of the OUTDOOR COMMUNITY AREA.  Plans and illustrations of Amber Fae's design coming soon!     

investment Opportunities!

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If you are interested in investing or buying an Amber Fae designed Mini-Cottage/Trailer please fill out an inquiry form below, so we can email you updates, as more information on cost, design and dates to break ground become available! 

Contact Information

Thanks for submitting!

Why invest in a Mini-Cottage at Color Theory Quarters designed by Amber Fae?

Your investment is all but guaranteed to grow in value. Amber Fae, comes from a family that has directly affected the tourism along the lakeshore in Southwest Michigan; and they have made it their careers and their business to follow and/or influence the trends that are happening with vacationers, day trippers, locals, etc., very closely - through real estate and community development; and through residential interior design and decorating to vacation hospitality and beyond. 


Amber Fae’s experiences growing up were heavily influenced by the talents and skills sets of her parents; a family where her parents were one of the major influence of the designs and trends along the lake directly affected her career choices. 

Amber Fae, is one of two nationally known Interior Designers from South Haven, MI; whose work at Bayberry Cottage has been featured in national in-print magazines like Coastal Living and Cottage Style. As an Interior Designer it is her job to work with and influence the trends revolving around vacationers and their needs in South Haven, MI and the Greater Blue Star Highway Region.  Setting design trends thru - purchasing for Bayberry to designing interiors, layouts and designing custom made furniture for multiple properties that are found along Lake Michigan in designer homes and cottages, is currently a daily routine for her. 


Amber Fae’s ability to stay modern, current and fluid with multiple designs trends that are embraced by the tourism housing industry here in Southwest Michigan will ensure the success of designing, selling, leasing and renting mini-cottages, mini-moderns, and mini-rustic AirBnB pods at Talking Trees.  

Amber Fae’s skills along with her talent at creating the interiors and following the shifting trends for multi-million dollar homes on the lakeshore are going to be one of the key marketing points of the AirBnB Mini-Cottages and Cabins. 

Amber Fae’s designs and layouts of the interior and exterior design of these “mini” lodges will be and are, second to none. Please see the Mon Amie Cottage above; this Mini-Cottage was designed by Amber Fae. The base cost for the building (frame and walls) and nothing else (no windows, doors, etc) is estimated under $15,000.00 - dependent on current fluctuating market costs of building materials.

These tiny homes will be in high demand partially because of the esthetic beauty that she will be able to manifest and transform them into - her building designs are heavily influenced by simplicity, nature, and the color palette of the shoreline and beyond...  

and SVR Management has a proven track record of over 40+ years of helping Homeowners managing their assets to produce exceptional Net Operating Income (NOI) with the value appreciation outpacing the regular market, all while mitigating potential risks.

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