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Thank you for your inquiry into Shores Vacation Rental Management Program. I’m excited to show you how we can can help you make the most of your investment property!

My Step-Father, Jay DeBryun, started this company over 40 years ago to help homeowners manage their assets and grow their investments and make their guests vacations perfect! We understand the local vacation industry and strive to be the “Best of the Best.”

I’ve updated our standards and services for the new era, and will continue to make sure we provide consistent exceptional service and professionalism to our Homeowners while offering fabulous Michigan Vacations to our guests and their tribe - ones that will keep them booking with us, and you, year after year.

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is a property management company with more than four decades of experience working with homeowners, renters, local service providers and the local

Government to create an atmosphere that is warm and welcoming to all those that visit, live-in and invest in the Greater South Haven area. 

Through the health, maintenance and management of your investment property Shores Vacation Rentals not only grows your portfolio and your asset(s) but it is also able to provide high quality, good paying and consistent employment that helps support our local community members and their families - and by only contracting with the “Best of the Best,” to provide high quality services for you Homeowners and your Guests, SVR once again is able to help the local contractors and their businesses generate income that adds to the local tax base, generates more employment opportunities, as it continues to increase the value of your investment.

Shores Vacation Rentals also believes in, and supports, Homeowner and Renter Rights Advocacy, locally and regionally. Shores Vacation Rentals is constantly working for you Homeowners to provide a future where there is a healthy relationship between Short Term Rental Owner rights and the rights and expectations of the Community Members that call South Haven and beyond - their home.

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