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SVR is going to reprise the famous Scavenger Hunt that Jay DeBruyn created and hosted in the 1980's that promoted South Haven local area businesses and all the wonders of Lake Michigan and beyond.

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 This event will also promote all the unique businesses and nature areas found in and around the Greater Blue Star Highway Corridor - but this Event is really about heavily promoting the social responsibility that Renters have, or should have, when they stay within the South Haven Community.


This Event promotes the fact that STR’s are an integral part of the South Haven Community and that SVR acknowledges and understands that we also have a responsibility to promote stewardship, community compassion and responsibility among the STR Renters that rent from SVR, as well as, educating our Guests so they understand their unique social responsibility within this Community that they love and visit every year.  

This Event will:

  1. Create tasks that would promote social responsibility through volunteer projects and tasks.  

  2. Highlight Local Area Business and their products or services.

  3. Become an Annual Event that Community Groups could solicit volunteer help to complete projects for those they serve, or their NPO directly. 

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has been listening and watching the arguments that have, and are taking place around Short Term Rentals very closely - here in South Haven, and around the rest of our State and Country. 

In South Haven, there seems to be frustration with STR's that are "Party Houses," houses that are consistently over reasonable occupancy, and a general sense of disregard for our community in general - real or perceived. This has caused a major backlash here and around our Country...and rightfully so in many cases.   

  • Negative Attitudes towards STR’s are plaguing communities across America, and even in South Haven.  This Event would help create a bridge between our Renters and the Community.


  • This Event would show goodwill that STR’s are an integral part of the South Haven Community and that the STR Renters understand their unique social responsibility within this Community.  

Shores Vacation Rentals accepts that we have a responsibility in reminding our renters that they have a responsibility to the Community that they are here to enjoy - to be kind, courteous, thoughtful and compassionate of others as they stay and enjoy our Community; to take responsibility for their actions when visiting local businesses, enjoying the golden sand of our beaches, or just sitting on the porch of the rental unit that they are staying in.  We believe the "Golden Rule" should be followed and not ignored - “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” . 


SVR is actively looking for local businesses and NPO’s for active participation, as well as the City of South Haven. SVR is soliciting projects that Volunteers could/should be able to be completed within 1 to 3 hours.

SCAVENGER HUNT: The tasks and clues of the Scavenger Hunt have been created to promote social responsibility and harmony with the South Haven Community.  Tasks that ask the Team to do volunteer work, e.g. pick-up trash on the beach, clean-up a local park, shelve books at the library, play a game at a Nursing Home, etc. will earn the most points.

If your business, your NPO or Organization has need of volunteers for simple projects and you would like those projects to be considered for the 1st Annual Jester Quest - please contact us!

Contact Us

Thanks for submitting!

If your business, your NPO or Organization would like to participate or sponsor part of the 1st Annual Jester Quest - please contact us!

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Quest Preview

Things to Do:


  1. Jump in Lake Michigan with your bathing suit on: 5 pts.

  2. Jump in Lake Michigan with all your clothes on: 45 pts.

  3. Swim in the Lake: 5 pts.

    1. Group swim in the Lake: 15 pts.

  4. Swim in a Pool: 5 pts.

    1. Group swim in a pool: 15 pts.

  5. Make a Human Pyramid in the Waves: 20 pts

    1. Attempting to make a Human Pyramid in the waves: 15 pts.

Over 21 Adult Oriented Activities: 


  1. Picture of Graffiti in the Bathroom at a Bar: 25 pts.

  2. Picture with Bartender: 25 pts.

  3. Picture of you and the group doing a toast: 25 pts.

  4. Picture of your Favorite Beer label: 25 pts.

  5. Picture of Fruity Drinks: 25 pts.

Social Interaction - Find a Stranger and:


  1. Introduce yourself: 25 pts.

    1. Introduce your group: 35 pts.

  2. Give them a High-Five: 25 pts

    1. Group giving them a High-Five: +5 pts. per person.

  3. Give them a hug: 25 pts.

  4. Find a Stranger that has the same name as you: 30 pts.

  5. Serenade them: 45 pts.

Things to Eat that are purchased locally:


  1. Blueberries: 10 pts.

  2. Apples: 10 pts.

  3. Pears: 10  pts.

  4. Asparagus: 10 pts.

  5. Blue Gill: 10 pts.

Community Tasks:


  1. Scheduled Volunteer work completed: 500 pts.

  2. Volunteer at one of the Agencies on the list and complete their task: 500 pts.

  3. Pick up Trash and fill one bag - On the Beach: 150 pts.

    1. At a Local Park: 150 pts.

    2. In the Neighborhood where you are staying: 300 pts.

    3. In the Cemetery: 200 pts.

    4. Downtown: 200 pts. 

  Bonus Points: For every additional bag: 50 pts.


NOTE: Trash bag size is equivalent to one grocery shopping bag.


  1. Obtain and donate an item from Al-Vans “Wish List”: 200 pts.

  2. Obtain and donate an item from YDC “Wish List”: 200 pts. 

Places to Visit:


  1. Michigan Maritime Museum: 75 pts.

    1. Sail aboard Friends Goodwill: 100 pts.

    2. Take a pic holding up a sign that says “Shores Vacation Rentals Scavenger Hunt 2023” while aboard Friends Goodwill: 200 pts.

    3. Take pictures of the sunset while out of port on the Friends Goodwill: 150 pts.

  2. South Haven Center for the Arts: 75 pts

  3. South Haven Lighthouse: 75 pts.

  4. Michigan Flywheelers Museum: 150 pts.

  5. Pilgrim Haven Natural Area: 75 pts

Businesses to Visit and use Group Discount:


  1. _________________________: 150 pts.

  2. _________________________: 150 pts.

  3. _________________________: 150 pts.

  4. _________________________: 150 pts.

  5. _________________________: 150 pts.

If you would like your Business to be promoted and are willing to create to a Jester Quest Group Discount - please contact us!

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